S.O.GI.T – Croce di San Giovanni – Sezione di Settimo Torinese

S.O.GI.T Croce di San Giovanni-Section of Settimo Torinese born thanks to a team of volunteers engaged in respect of principles and aims of Sovereign Order of Saint John.  The Association, in addiction to carry out the ordinary activities declared in its own Statute, continuously develops new projects to help the disadvantaged people or to achieve valid results for all citizens. Moreover, Sogit collaborates to sustain international help projects through the National Headquarter and the Johanniter International (JOIN), the network of associations of the Sovereign Order of Saint John.

The Association, in compliance with the aims declared in its own Statute, organizes and performs several activities:

  • Transport and medical aid to patients, healthcare during sporting and cultural events, as well as general ones;
  • Training and specialization of professionals, for first aid, healthcare, sanitary emergency and disasters;
  • Emergency medical and outpatient clinic services, directly or in collaboration with public facilities;
  • Civil and environmental protection initiatives;
  • Promotion and management of initiatives for the diseases and risks prevention and for the protection of health in life and work environment, meeting for fostering the participation of citizens to the emerging needs study and planning of their satisfaction;
  • Organization of solidarity events on loneliness and pain issues;
  • Social and healthcare services, even domiciliary, for the support those citizens in difficult circumstances, even if temporary;
  • Organization and management of collaboration and international hospitality activities.

Via Vittime delle Foibe 3c – 10036 Settimo Torinese (TO) Italy

Federico Villata – federico.villata@sogitsettimo.it

website: https://www.sogitsettimo.it/

Johanniter Österreich Ausbildung und Forschung gemeinnützige GmbH

Johanniter Ausbildung und Forschung gem. GmbH (www.johanniter.at) is part of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe (JUH) in Austria. In 1974 the JUH was established to provide professional ambulance and emergency services and is care provider. The aims are to provide health related know-ledge to the broad public as well as training and education to medical professionals in care and emergency medical services as well as disaster relief.

In 2012 the Research Center was founded to help the organisation becoming fit for the future and, by this, helping to define our development according to the universal values of brotherly love, trust and empathy. Johanniter have expertise from service area as well as from research projects. Johanniter as partner to European AAL JP Projects like AHEAD and CIP Networks as e.g. ProFouND and are active in national funding projects for AAL, e-Health and m-Health. Also the expertise from an academic perspective is given as the personal of Johanniter Research and Innovation Centre is well established by communication science, psychology, philosophy, care science, jurisdiction and economics. Johanniter have high expertise in methodologies of empirical social science. Especially user involvement with ethical considerations and technological foresight is a specialty of Johanniter and are going to be a factor for this project. Furthermore, Johanniter are setting up a European-wide Testing Environment with standardised parameters to support project actions.

Ignaz-Köck Straße 22, 1210 Vienna, Austria

Georg Aumayr: Georg.aumayr@johanniter.at

website: www.johanniter.at

DOREA Educational Institute

DOREA Educational Institute is a non-profit organisation established in 2012 in Cyprus. DOREA Educational Institute’s general scope is to offer high quality non-formal educationfor youthand adults, covering the three main areas of non-formal education, which is socio-cultural (popular) education, education forpersonal development and professional training. The professionals working at DOREA, both as staff and trainers are specialised in delivering excellent and feasible solutions for those who wish to continue personal andprofessional development through life-long learning educational programmes.

DOREA is an international training course provider operating in 12 countries across the EU (Cyprus, Greece, Spain,Italy, Czech Republic, Ireland, UK, Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and France) and delivering the training for staff members of the schools, adult education centres, universities, VET organisations, etc .DOREA has developed more than 30 different courses ( among which soft skills/ HR courses, language courses, ICT courses, project management courses, etc.) full list can be seen here: http://dorea.org/erasmuscourses/

 DOREA staff has a vast experience in management and financial management of complex projects co-financed by the EU, and specifically in the areas of preparation of strategic documents, tenders, agreements and proposals, the financial management and monitoring, as well as, coordination of suppliers, and partners, among others, dissemination of the results. Staff members were/are involved in programmes such as ERASMUS+, HORIZON 2020, INTERREG, FP7, MEDA, LLP, Life+, YIA, ESF, ENPI MED. 


16th Iouniou 1943st. 9, office 201, 3022, Limassol, Cyprus

Mrs Jolanta Banelyte info@dorea.org

website: www.dorea.org

Johanniter International

Johanniter International (JOIN) is the network of 16 charity organisations in Europe and the Middle East, which were originally founded by the Orders of St John. Our members share a common approach to humanitarian welfare and social aid. Member organisations provide national and international services such as emergency medical services, first aid, social care, youth work and international assistance, in addition to services for people in need. Our network encompasses over 100,000 of volunteers and professionals that enable all our actions. The JOIN Youth and Volunteering working group supports the exchange between the volunteers and medical students of our different member countries and engages young people in new working fields of First Aid and health practice.

Johanniter International was founded in 2000 as a non-profit organisation under Belgian law and pools and shares the expertise of all its members. The JOIN Clinical working group includes doctors and medical practitioners from our member organisations that work to enable quicker international consensus in the field of First Aid.

JOIN was a partner in the SOCIALCARE project funded by the AAL program that strengthened community initiatives for the elderly through an IT-oriented approach. Furthermore, we are involved in other Research and Innovation projects funded by the program Horizon 2020.


Rue Joseph II 166

1000 Brussels, Belgium




DE MÃOS DADAS PELA VIDA is an NGO that operate in the suburbs of Goiania, capital of the Goias, since 2007. The mains operative areas are social services, culture, sports and volunteering training. Our target of beneficiaries are children and young that are living in families with a lot of economical and social problems. We offer classics dance courses, psychological support, sports activities and homework assistance in order to elevate the educational levels. We trust in children’s and  youths personal developing through a process of discovering themselves. Thought an intensive and qualify social assistance work  we collaborate with the most relevant public authorities and with others associations and NGO’s that are active in our region. Our activities are devolved in different locals in our region to try to reach the majority of people that are looking for cultural and educational projects. We recently started a cooperation with local authorities involved in the health area to start spreading the importance of first aid in schools and institution.

Rua  Jm15 Qd19 Lt 1

Jardim das Oliveiras, Senador Canedo, GO, 75256-155 Brasil

President: Paolo Finardi fittolo@yahoo.it

website: www.mpv2007.mundo.com

Johannita Segítő Szolgálat

Johannita Segítő Szolgálat carries out its mission in 11 divisions within Hungary. The outreach humanitarian projects of JSSZ are coordinated in 6 regional offices in Serbia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Romania. During its 30-year-existence JSSZ got engaged in the fields of humanitarian aid, social services, crisis intervention and disaster relief, emergency rescue and patient transport services, first aid and youth work.

The youth work of JSSZ was started in 2004. Currently JSSZ has 5 permanent youth groups in 4 locations with members aging between 13-25. JSSZ also offers camps for underprivileged children and youth coming from Hungary and from all over the Carpathian Basin.
JSSZ has been engaged in teaching first aid since 2006 and has developed successful first aid programmes for university and secondary school students reaching a number of 1000 youngsters every year. In 2013 these programmes gained the recognition of the National Institute for Health Development in Hungary. JSSZ offers special first aid programmes tailored for kindergartens, teachers or carers, or for parents too.

Váci utca 62-64, Budapest, Hungary 1056


website: www.johannitak.hu

Istanbul Avrupa Arastirmalari Dernegi (IAAD)

All in all İstanbul Avrupa Araştırmaları Derneği (IAAD) aims at contributing in initiatives driven by radical vision of science-enabled technologies aiming at generating more Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies.

IAAD is a leading Research and Technology Organisation located in Istanbul, Turkey, at the interface between the scientific field, the civil society, and a series of economic sectors, driven by three activities’ spheres: Education and Training, Societal Challenges, and innovation and technology.

IAAD’s main target groups are Youth (15-29 years old) and Youth Workers more particularly individuals with Special Education Needs (SEN), NEET, people with fewer opportunities or at risk of marginalization.

IAAD engages in surveys and research developments in a series of fields in cooperation with research institutes, universities, enterprises and other related bodies.

IAAD) recently joined efforts with a series of innovative bodies from the Digital Transformation arena, with expertise in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing, to establish a working group aiming at creating an Education and Training Ecosystem for Smart Cities designers and builders.

The working group aim at to fostering Young individuals engagement in Social Entrepreneurship Plans (SEP) which aims at activating Youth towards social and civic participation in local communities especially targeting people with fewer opportunities, and newly arrived migrants and refugees potentially suffering from infectious diseases.

IAAD generates the “Connected First Aid Urban Environment”, which aim is to study, design, implement, pilot test and assess first aid activities and tools abiding smart cities conceptual approaches. This tools and activities encompass awareness-raising events, Small-Scale Learning Activities (SSLA), smartphone-based response systems and other digital tools.

Cumhuriyet Mah. D-100, Karayolu-Cadde Diskapi No: 374

ADM Konaklama-Istanbul Outlet Park Içkapi No: 282

34522, Buyukçekmece/ Istanbul, Turkey

Kardelen Aslan iaad.europ@gmail.com

website: https://sites.google.com/view/iaad-research/home